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How does delivery work?

There are set delivery days each week. They are the available date icons at the top of the order screen. Your food will be ready on that day. At checkout you can elect to pickup from the kitchen for free or choose home delivery for a flat $9.99 regardless of your order size. (That means order more for better value     )

How can I get nutrition facts? 

We are working on releasing an online nutrition facts system for Q3 2019. For now we've posted all the nutrition information here.

What time does delivery come? 

A few rural areas have special exceptions, but deliveries otherwise come before 8:30am on your selected delivery day. 

Do I need to cook the meals?

Generally our meals do not come pre-cooked. They are ready-to-drop into the pot or oven. Our focus is on preserving quality and nutrition - meals taste better and keep their nutrition if you don't cook and then freeze. Some items like bread and snacks may come pre-cooked or require no cooking. 

How do I know how to cook the meals I get? 

Every meal comes with cooking instructions. If for any reason you received a meal with no instructions, please feel free to call us and we'll help you right away. 

How can I know my meals are ready?

Meals are ready for delivery or pickup starting at 8:00am on your order ready date. The kitchen is accessible and under surveillance  24 hours for our members to pick up using their key code. 


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